Wellskins Anion Hairdressing Comb Portable Hair Care

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Negative ion hair care product Model: WX-FZ200 Rated voltage: DC3.7V Rated current: 1A Rated power: 0.3W Net weight: 0.27kg Product size: 125.8×64.5Xx28mm Executive standard: GB4706.1-2005GB4706.15-2008 Packing list: Negative ion comb * 1, USB charger * 1, velvet bag * 1, warranty card * 1, instruction manual * 1, certificate * 1 common problem -Will static electricity be generated? There is static electricity. When the comb releases negative ions, it can neutralize the static electricity of the hair. Comb every day to care for the hair. -What about hair quality? Does it cause frizz? There is no damage, but hair care, not frizz, and the hair is silky and smooth after a long time. -Is it easy to operate? Simple and easy to operate, press the button and follow the hair, you can comb out the beautiful hairstyle in a few minutes. -What is the role of negative ions? Negative ions can protect the hair, nourish the scalp, reduce the problem of static hair caused by hair frizz, the hair is smooth and shiny after use, and the hair care effect can be achieved at home. -Will comb teeth get stuck? The comb teeth of Weixin negative ion comb are calculated and arranged, and the length is staggered. The built-in powerful Deep-Inole negative ion generator releases a large amount of negative ions instantly after turning on, so that the combing process can avoid the card. -Automatic power off? The IC controller installed in the negative ion comb can automatically cut off the power supply after being fully charged and water inflow, and the flame-retardant material is preferred in the manufacturing process.