Powerology Portable Power Generator 62500mAh 200 W QC3.0 PD 30W

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Product Descriptions:

When some people demanded versatile and powerfully packed products that can deliver great support, whether at home, work, during picnic or vacation, Powerology offered its version of a 62.500 mAh Power Generator.

A great, powerful, and safe-charging companion and charging support.

The battery capacity and ports available gives you confidence that whether you’ll need AC, DC, PD, USB-A, or USB- C port, you are fully covered.

Also, there is Overheat and Overload protection, LCD Information panel, and a Universal socket built-in, as well as Solar re-charge Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller for effective managing and absorbing input Voltage.

It delivers PD through USB- Type C with 30W and 18W QC through USB- Type-A ports.

Can charge (calculation based on average battery capacity and optimal charging conditions): Laptop 3 charges, Tablet- 6 charges, Mobile phone- 14 charges, Bluetooth Speaker- 8 charges, Mini Fridge- 3 hours charging.


• Battery: Li-ion 18650 Cell, 225Wh
• Input: DC 15V?2A 30W, 11-24V, AC Output: 220V 50Hz, DC Output 1&2: 12V/5A 60W
• DC Car Port Output: 12V/10A 120W, USB-A QC Out: 5-9V 18W, USB-C PD In & Out: 5-20V 30W
• Solar panel for re-charging the generator, universal socket AC outlet
• Car Charger Port, 300 Watts Max Surge