Noerden LIZ 316 Smart Bottle

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Product Descriptions:

  • SELF CLEANING & WATER STERILIZATION: Do you know there are more than 1 million bacteria in a glass of water and most reusable bottles contain more germs than a dog toy? Thanks to its built-in sterilization systems, LIZ destroys 99,9% of harmful viruses and odor-causing bacteria.
  • HYDRATION REMINDERS, Stay hydrated: LIZ blinks to remind you to drink every 2 HOURS. Drink 3-4 LIZ to get your daily water fix!
  • ALL BEVERAGES INSULATION, LIZ keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold for 12 to 24 hours.
  • TEMPERATURE INDICATOR: Tap the lid once to check the temperature range of your beverage.
  • CHOOSE TO REUSE! Every minute, more than 1 million plastic bottles are sold around the world creating tons of plastic waste